Simple multimedia..

No Flash…

No video…

No sound…

But this photo essay tells a powerful story using simple words and pictures.  How did I find this site?  I’ve subscribed to Wil Wheaton’s blog (not always safe at work) longer than I’ve even known what a blog is.  I feel I know the guy better than many people I work with, and this morning as I sat at my desk this post pointed me to the End of the Line story.

If an undergraduate student came to me with this as a final year project, they probably wouldn’t get high marks as it’s not technically complex, but there’s a good argument that ‘less is more’.  Maybe they could back this up with a good discussion about simple sites, ensuring it’s coded for the maximum number of devices, and with their own primary research.

More later – I’m spending the morning in induction sessions, ‘lurking’ at the back of the room.


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