ITMB Induction wrap-up

OK, time for some classical reflection exercises about the last couple of days, and the induction process.

What Went Well

Firstly, I’ve been pleased with the student participation, and professionalism even at this early stage. Yes, a few students were late in this morning, but the traffic was chaotic, and cancelled trains didn’t help. Apparently there was a Hawaiian Party last night in the Students Union, which was well attended… one student said that he woke up wearing a pair of green sunglasses which weren’t his!

And today’s talk by Sue of e-Skills, and Gary of LogicaCMG was also well received. At the lunch afterwards people were chatting, and all of the the final year, and most of the second year attended.

What Went Less Well

I need to find a cloning machine for next year, so that I can be in three, or in some cases four places at the same time. Today I was sorting out timetables, had a final year student who needed some personal tuition, a student who had missed all of induction so far who suddenly turned up – all whilst I was trying to be a host for Sue and Gary. Not easy, but helped by some staff who made my job easier.

What I’ll do different next time

No amount of organisation can mitigate the level of stress felt at some times over the last couple of days – missing students, flat batteries in wireless mice, timetable woes. But, a little more organisation could have ensured that when students did turn up late, I had a complete pack of handouts for them. OK, a little more hassle for me, but it would also avoid that feeling I have at the moment of “I’m sure I was supposed to mention x to them at some point.

Oh, and a bottle of water wherever I go. I’ve not taught for nearly four months, and the voice a couple of times was simply giving up – even with a small group. Contrary to popular belief, I’m not used to talking much, and I’m not yet in full ‘teaching’ mode.

We’re not finished yet with the ITMB induction – Thursday is when we let them loose on the PC’s for the first time and show them moodle and SCAN, or own modules and assessment database, and give them the timetable (hopefully!).

I now need to rest up, and get ready for the MSc induction tomorrow (yep, this post is being made at 11:30pm).  Now to sleep, perchance to dream…. now where did I put those term dates?


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