ITMB Induction

I’ve been in since (for me) the small hours of the morning preparing the induction for the ITMB. One thing threw me late on Friday afternoon, but it’s now been sorted.

It was generally agreed that it would be nice to be able to provide lunch for students on one day of the induction, which we scheduled tomorrow Tuesday. This is when a representative of e-Skills will also be here, so it’s also a chance for the new students to meet the second and final year students.

But, Ramadan started last week, which can affect a number of our new and existing students. They will be unable to eat, and it’s discourteous to serve food in front of people who are fasting.

Therefore we’ve had to change rooms, and change the timetable for the sessions tomorrow morning.

It’s only a chance remark by a student on Friday that informed me of this – a good example of serendipity.

The rest of induction is looking good, and I’m happy that I’ve done all that I can to make it run smoothly. Up until Thursday it’s going to be a busy week for me, the key thing I think is to ensure that I’m focused on making this week work, next week when I start teaching will happen, but I’ve planned as much as I reasonably can.


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