Conference Programme Committee

It’s official, along with many of my colleages, I’ve been invited to the programme committee of ISITAE07 – a catchy little acronym that, standing for “International Symposium on Information Technologies and Applications in Education”.

I’ve been invited to the committee by my colleague Dr Bin Hu, as he knows this is an area of interest for me.  It’s a shame there’s no chance that I’ll be able to go to the conference itself, I would like to travel to China, and I also really like the idea of going to a ‘normal’ university!

I’ll be reviewing a few papers, I’ve asked for a maximum of three.  As there are 57(!) other people on the committee, I think there should be enough people to help out.

It’s still going to be interesting, and a feather in my cap to be on the programme committee of an international conference, with links to the IEEE.

My own research (and learning), as noted before will have to take a back seat this year, though I have spent some time looking around, there’s an option for a four year (partly taught)  PhD course at Lancaster which appeals to me, more details here.  Intake is in January of each year, being realistic I’m not going to be in a position by January 2008 to do this.  Do I really want to sign up for a course that I will finish the year that the Olympics come to London?


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