Moodle wrestle

I’m working from home today getting the final bits ready for week one of teaching (hmm, think I’ve written that sentence before!). I’m getting more used to the new moodle, but there are still a few quirks.

One thing which I’m unable to do is directly embed my ‘wiki on a stick’ assignment as a resource in moodle. I’ve got round this by adding the empty wiki as a news item – I’ve tested and this works fine.

I’m teaching five modules next semester, four during the normal weeks 1-12, and a three week module in weeks 13-15 (after Christmas). Two of these modules are on my own, so I’d better not get ill! Next semester is slightly lighter, with just three module during the main session, and then another week 13-15 module on my own at the end.

Preparation is going well for all but one of the modules, the other one I’m sure will happen.. I’ve mentioned Just In Time Teaching (JITT), a colleague also has another technique which he wishes to patent, called “Should Have It Tomorrow”, with a suitably unfortunate acronym.

It’s always difficult on this date too to not reflect on what you were doing on this date – though six years is not usually a remembered anniversary. Shortly after the news came through to me at work about what had happened at the World Trade Centre, we were told that 20% of staff within the department at the construction company which I worked would be made redundant. That was the first time that I’d been ‘at risk’ in a redundancy situation, unfortunately it’s not been the last for me (it’s happened two more times since). That was the direct trigger however for me to start looking more earnestly for my first full-time position in education.. with no regrets.

Tomorrow is the start of exam board fever, not one of my favourite parts of the job, though clearly essential for students who have sat their resit exams.


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