The dreaded appraisal

(Or not, as the case may be).

My IPR (Individual Performance Review) or appraisal took place yesterday.  When in industry these were these incredibly long and complex meetings, when you would wrangle with your line manager for minutes about whether you should be rated a ‘C’ or ‘B’ for ‘professionalism’ because you got drunk at the Christmas Party.

UCE is more enlightened, in summary ‘What you’ve done’, ‘What you would like to do’, ‘What can we do to achieve it’.

It’s a good chance for some forced reflection.  One thing is clear, that it’s felt that I may be doing ‘too much’.  Something has to give, and in the next year it looks like my research will have to take a back seat.  I’ve still got some plans (for kinaesthetic research with a colleague), but I think for the next year my conferences and paper writing (limited though it has been) will have to take a rest.

However, all things being equal I am being encouraged to purse the idea of doing a PhD, or maybe an EdD, though my line manager is keen on the PhD route, and to be honest I probably am too – I think the EdD was of interest to me with regard to teaching practice, and maybe seen as an ‘easy’ way to get the Dr. title, but given this could be up to six years of my life, I think it makes more sense to do it ‘properly’.  One alternative is a taught PhD, and this will be  something for me to research in 2007-2008.

The rest of yesterday was a bit of a blur, with induction and teaching prep.  I must write an assignment today too – I think the weekend will be spent in front of my computer, grr!


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