Tutorial Feedback

Anyone got a punching bag? If not, use your nearest OU tutor.

The T324 tutorial was attended by just two students, but we did have a good discussion about the course. I’ve taken a lot of notes which I’ll need to ‘polish’, and try and feed back to the course team.

I was concerned that some of the notes I wanted to cover were pitched at too low a level, but the pointers I noted with regard to exams, maths questions and the final TMA were appreciated.

My MacBook technology mostly worked OK, but I did get very confused in a couple of points. I used the ‘split screen feature’, so what was presented on the projector was different to my view on my laptop screen. This would have worked fine if I hadn’t been my usual dynamic (i.e. scatter brained) self, and whizzed First Class, Firefox and other applications backwards and forwards. In the end I did just do a simple ‘mirror’ of my laptop screen, and it worked well.

For next year’s tutorials, I’ll schedule them a little earlier in the evening, and look at the timing of them. This is something I didn’t ask the two who attended yesterday what they felt about the timing in the year of the tutorials.

UCE-wise, I’ve not been at my best after a terrible night’s sleep (hearing the dawn chorus is never a good sign, especially if you’ve been up all night). A shame therefore that today was my Performance Review with my line manager, the Head of Department!

Still, must put all this behind me as tonight I head out onto the greens for my first lesson – FOUR!



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