External opportunities

A couple of opportunities have come my way in the last week, both with potential to be interesting.

The first is that of being an external examiner. For those who don’t know, external examining is when a peer (a senior academic or professor) visits another institution and attends the exam board, as well as moderating and checking coursework/examination marks before the exam board. Each programme usually had one or two external examiners.

I’ve got the ‘gig’ through replacing someone else who can no longer be the examiner. It’s a five year contract, and will mean a couple of nice trips down south a couple of times a year. It’s generally seen as a good development opportunity for staff, and links with other universities are encouraged, so there shouldn’t be a problem.

The other opportunity literally walked through my door this morning, I’ve been asked to review some papers for a conference in china on ICT in Education. Details are a bit patchy at the moment, but I’m happy to do this, it will be good practice for me being on the other side of the review process, maybe I’ll feel a little less nervous about the process.

Tonight is my last Open University tutorial of the year. I’m not sure what the attendance will be like, last time there were just five. I note that I wanted this tutorial to be more student focused, well I’ve had very little feedback from students about what they wanted to cover, so I’ve got a ‘bit of everything’.


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