Marking workload – not the post you’re expecting!

Way back in June I was bemoaning the amount of marking that had to be completed.  Now, as we’re in the middle of the exam resit period, I have another moan.

Not enough marking.

Bear with me on this.  The reason that there’s so little marking is that so few people have resubmitted coursework or sat resit examinations.  I’m estimating that I’ve got about half of the work that I would have expected, given pass rates last year.

So where is everyone?

It could be that students have simply missed the fact that the assignment deadline was today, we usually talk about the ‘September resits’, and the resit period has moved slightly earlier, being the last day of August may have confused some people.  But those that leave it to the very last minute are unlikely to be particularly successful anyhow.

Exam attendance is harder to work out – for two exams which I was invigilating I’ve had no students turn up.  For one of these which was a postgraduate course, this means they have just one, final chance to pass the exam before being thrown off the course!

With much uncertainty in the department leading up to, and over the summer break, it’s possible that some of this has been passed onto the students even if not explicitly stated to them.

Let’s hope that those which have submitted something have made it worthwhile.


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