Good advice for students (and maybe researchers too)

Through WebWorker Daily, I found the site called Lifehack. It has a lot of useful information to make life easier. I see it as a ‘dip in’ rather than one that I have subscribed to the feed, but this article caught my eye, as it summarises a lot of what I try to tell students, but written in an appropriate language. I’ve summarised the bullet points below, but please do try to get over to the full article as there’s a lot more information, and it’s written in an informal style. I’ll be using this in my teaching next semester where appropriate.

  • Schedule!
  • Start, don’t end, with Wikipedia.
  • Mine bibliographies.
  • Have a research question in mind.
  • Deal with one piece at a time.
  • Use a system.
  • Know your resources.
  • Ask for help.
  • Carry an idea book.
  • Bring it up to date.

There’s only one that I would add to the list, and that’s reference, reference, reference! This is so important, but students still see it as an ‘add on’, something that’s nice to do if you get time. Even at postgraduate level I still award up to 15% of my marks for correct referencing. This has been criticised by some external examiners, but it does ensure that the referencing (mostly) is completed to the appropriate standard.

The dreaded student handbook is calling today, then it’s a week of off/on invigilations, followed by the inevitable marking. Ah well, it’s good to be back, and it’s only 108 days until my next holiday.


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