A good day

It’s been a very satisfying day, though at the outset it wasn’t looking too hopeful. As usual, I checked my emails before I came into work, there was one from a new student who was starting in September and had received all the paperwork, but had been told by UCAS that we had rejected them.

As I’m dealing with a faceless bureaucracy at the moment I maybe had more sympathy than usual for the student’s predicament. The outcome was a good, and swift one however, by the time I got into work the student had been called and reassured, and the student had emailed me back thanking me. Now if only insurance companies could be that efficient!

Then a student called to say that they couldn’t find the resit coursework, which has been available since June, and is due in next Friday. A couple of calls and the problem was resolved with little hassle, and I was able to text the student back and email the coursework off.

But the proudest things today was to confirm (mostly) the teaching for next year for the ITMB. As some of the modules are delivered by other departments in the Business School I needed to confirm that the teaching was in place for these. All done now, even the final year module that’s never been delivered before.

All I need to make this the perfect day, academically wise is for my postgraduate student to turn up for the meeting at 2:00pm. It’s not looking too good, but the student was travelling from Cardiff for the meeting, so there’s a possibility that his train is running late.

A long bank holiday weekend, (and my birthday), then back into the swing of things next week – top of my ‘to do’ list – the student handbook!

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