Clearing, and MacBook arrival

A fraught day, but with a happy outcome for me, and hopefully some prospective students in the Department of Computing.

Overnight I found that my MacBook was to be delivered by UPS today.. some complex instructions posted to the door of my home did the trick, and on my return it was securely locked in my conservatory, and ready to play.  First impressions have been really good, the slightly larger keyboard is much easier to type on, with around 3mm around each key.  The widescreen will take some getting used to – I’m just aware that my eye needs to move further than usual from left to right.  I could post more about this, but this is supposed to be a blog about learning and teaching.

The more important event today for many people though has been clearing.  This has gone better than usual, and when I left at 15:30 we had made more offers from the Department than we did for the whole of 2006 clearing period.  This was a relatively short stint for me today – just five hours, I’ve got two eight hour stretches tomorrow and Saturday – but at least I’ll have a new toy to play with.

One disturbing feature of clearing was those students who appeared to be not totally truthful about their qualifications, or exaggerating slightly the points that they think they are due.  In most instances this is a simple mistake, but I do worry that some potential students feel it’s OK to be dishonest even at this early stage.

I must be sensible and get an early night as I’m up and running at 6:30 tomorrow to be manning the phones at 8:00.


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