I am angry!

I wrote last week about downloading and using the BBC iPlayer.  Since then I’d noticed that even when I wasn’t downloading anything, my network activity lights were flashing away, both on the wireless router and my Windoze PC.

A story on the BBC Website about the player, and the potential for online video services to be responsible for the increase in broadband costs led me to find out a little more about the iPlayer.

Like every bad researcher, I went straight to Wikipedia, where the article informed me that iPlayer was indeed a peer to peer service.

I’m sure this is mentioned in the Terms and Conditions which I signed up for on the player, but like many, many people I rarely read any small print that doesn’t actually involve money.

Further linking shows me that the Kontiki application remains active even when iPlayer isn’t ‘running’ (this could just be the system tray icon)…. this also explains why my PC has been running like a (very slow) dog all last week.  With no laptop at the moment, this is my only connection.

Bandwidth into and out of my house is a precious commodity – with a barely 1 Mbit/s link, I need every last drop of bandwidth.  Another of my totally unfair analogies here is that in order to watch BBC1 every tv would have to be a low level transmitter as well as a receiver of the tv signal, to boost the signal received of my neighbours.

When I get home, the first thing I’m doing is removing myself from the iPlayer trial.  If someone like myself who’s fairly techie savvy was ‘tricked’ into this, who knows how many other unsuspecting license fee payers have done the same.

Grrr.  I’m turning into an angry young middle aged man.


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