Hitting the ground…

I’d like to say running, but it’s more like a ‘splat’.

Now that the role has been confirmed, I’ve spent much of this morning  looking through all the emails I’ve been receiving lately, which of course I now have to action.

I’m hoping that people will be supportive, and see that much of this is new to me.  I’m just sorting out the guru lecture schedule, we’re hosting one in November, and of course I want it to be ‘right’.  I’ve booked room, staff and tea/coffee, I just have a doubt about whether I’ve done it for the right date!

With this as well, other things are starting to slot into place teaching wise.  We’ll have more of an idea later, and I’ll be updating my home page soon to reflect this, it’s a useful stopping off point for people who want to know what areas I teach.

I’m just off to ‘refresh/recall/retain’  – a short course run by the staff development people here.  Let’s see if it helps me put names to faces a bit better than I do at the moment.  One thing I want all ITMB students to do is to upload their ‘proper’ picture onto moodle to give me a fighting chance of recognising them.


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