It’s official

I’ve had the confirmation email, and I think I’m safe enough to let people know now, I’m taking on the role of course director for the ITMB ‘IT Management for Business’ degree.  This is an exciting role on an interesting degree, aimed at providing graduates with a head start in working in companies.

I’d mentioned something about this in an earlier post, around the 18th May, when I thought things seemed to be a a bit more sorted than they were.  Eventually a panel sat and considered written ‘expressions of interest’ for the role.

I already teach on the first, second and most likely final year of the scheme, as well as looking after some of the placement students.  The area that I am interested in is looking into is working with e-Skills, the government supported body that originally thought of the ITMB degree, which now runs at thirteen universities across the UK (though we were one of the first to be validated).

I’ll try and find appropriate links etc., this is just a quick note to thank everyone for their support, especially the outgoing course director Richard Midgley, who’s looked after the course through validation, and two successful years of running.

I’ve still got to reflect on what this means for my teaching next year and in the future.  This will all probably be after my holiday however – I’ve got a busy few days ahead.


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