Another diversion

Just what I need at the moment when I’m less than a week away from my summer vacation, brushing up my French, writing my final assignment for my musical appreciation course (I failed the first assignment with 30% – Doh!), and trying to revise hard for my PRINCE2 exam tomorrow – another diversion.

But Wiki On a Stick (WOAS) is so clever. When I mentioned my interest a couple of days ago, little did I know that my good friend Simon had got there before me, and pointed me to this clever bit of html implementation. In a single file it creates a whole wiki with everything I wanted apart from simple image embedding, and the ability to track changes.

I’m still learning the wiki ‘language’ (in reality simply formatting commands, reminding me very much of the old commands in Wordstar), but it’s sparked off a lot of ideas about how I can use this in teaching.  In particular I’m thinking of setting an assignment for MSc students where I provide an empty ‘wiki’, and they have to complete the missing sections.  I could also provide feedback to them in the wiki.  The only problem I can see is how to provide samples to the external examiners – if it can’t be printed out they’re not happy – I was recently lightly reprimanded for putting ‘feedback provided electronically’ on cover sheets when using moodle to provide marks and comments back to students.

Well, enough procrastination.  Back to PRINCE2 revision.


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