I know how students feel now

I’m revising today and tomorrow, in preparation for the PRINCE2 requalification examination early on Friday.  It’s going OK so far – if a little overwhelming.

The core text is ‘Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2’ – a 450 odd page text book.  It’s undergone a fairly major revisions since I took the first exam in 2002.  In particular, the Business Case and Organisation sections.  Whilst I’m looking at the whole manual, I’m focusing on the eight Components today.  Tomorrow, I’ll focus on processes and techniques.

For ‘light relief’, I’ve got four other approved books – the PRINCE2 Pocketbook (PRINCE2 for dummies), Business Benefits through Project Management, Tailoring PRINCE2 and People Issues and PRINCE2 (I’ll add hyperlinks later, I’m doing this as a respite between sessions).

It’s been around four years since I’ve sat a timed exam like this – for all of my studying ‘for fun’ over the years I’ve avoided courses which have an exam.  Still, this is only a 70 minute, on-line exam.  It’s a cut-down version of the full three-hour practitioner exam, open book (I’m guessing it would have to be if it was on-line).

To keep me amused, I’m having a BBC 7 day, including a ‘listen again’ for the programmes I’ve missed.   I’m fortunate that they’re having a series of programmes to celebrate the centenary of Robert Heinlein’s birth – his first novel, Methuselah’s Children is being broadcast all this week.


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