Wikis (or should that be Wiki’s)

I’m becoming increasingly interested in wikis (I’ve just checked, and the plural is wikis – looks strange to me).

The reason is three-fold.

  1. I’m thinking that the life of this blog may be limited to maybe a year.  By that time I’ll have gone through the full cycle of an academic year.  By that time I think I may have said all that I need to with regard to working for two institutions, and may end up repeating myself (how often can I blog about poor presentation skills I hear you moan).
  2. I’m interested in students using wikis to share their knowledge in some modules.  I am luck, moodle has a built in wiki tool, so there’s no set up and configuration.
  3. If I do close the blog down, I want to be able to store some of the knowledge which I have gained by blogging (almost) every working day for a year.  Therefore a personal wiki could be a good place to store this.  The problem is I want a web-enabled, but private wiki, so that I can get access from home or work), and of course cross platform.  I’ll have to evaluate these.

So if anyone has experience of using wikis themselves, then please drop me a note.

Meanwhile, I’ve been speccing a replacement for my four year old, but still going strong iBook.  I’ve had a serious look at a Windows laptop, planning to run a Linux variant on it, but to be honest my skills aren’t up to maintaining it.  I also love my iPod and iTunes.  It’s true what they say, once you’ve had a Mac, you never go back.

So this could be my ‘birthday treat’ to myself, in just under a months time – I’ll probably order the day I come back from hols.

White Macbook

With the educational discount, it’s quite affordable – only twice the price of a cheap Windows laptop!


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