Still recovering

I’m on annual leave at the moment, back into the saddle on Friday.  In the paper I presented, I did categorise one type of blog entry as ‘the rant’.  It’s been a while since I’ve posted a rant blog, so here goes!

I am all for public transport in theory.  I love my mini, but am aware that driving round in 14k of metal and plastic, releasing CO2 and generally lousing up the environment for the next generation (though admittedly not my children) is not a sustainable approach.  Anyone looking at my lawn would recognise that I’ve not been at home when there’s been a dry patch in June long enough for me to get out there and cut the meadow as I’m now thinking of it.

But, public transport simply does not work!  Here, in details is my journey home from New York.  For ease, I’ll stay in NY time throughout.

4:00 – Back at university accommodation for super shuttle shared lift to airport.

5:50 – Shuttle arrives, one hour 10 minutes and three increasingly manic phone calls later

7:15 – Arrive at JFK airport.  I set of scanners through nervous energy of missing flight.

8:30 – Board Aer Lingus plane.  Told that they wanted us to board early as there was a chance of an earlier slot.  I take two Nytol tablets to help me relax

9:30 – We taxi.  Slot missed waiting for passengers

11:00 – We take off.  Note, I’ve now been sitting in my seat, on the tarmac for 2.5 hours.

4:00 – Land in Ireland

5:30 – Queue through security again

8:00 – Board plane – informed that there was ‘a little problem’ with the cockpit door

9:00 – We take off.

9:40 – We land

10:00 – I get case

11:00 – Back home, final leg via M6 Toll (4pm local time)

Total travel time – 19 hours.  Actual time moving – 8 hours five minutes – most of this at Mach 0.85.

OK, this is the longest journey I’ve taken since 2004 when I went out to Hong Kong and Singapore for UCE, and my luggage did arrive (mostly as I made such a fuss at JFK that they tagged it as ‘priority’ baggage.

No wonder I’ve spent today at home, a planned ‘duvet day’.  My next stab at public transport will be much more modest – after the LugRadio live event on Saturday I’m  going on the train from Wolverhampton to see my friends new city apartment in Coventry – he lives in a city, I’ll be in a city, so it makes sense to me to let the train take the strain.  I’ll make a quick post about the relation of travel to elapsed time, door to door.  I’m not going to get obsessed about this, really I’m not – honest!


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