My evil boss (not really!)

The operations manager of the Department of Computing came into my office a couple of weeks ago and called me a b*****d.  When asked why, he said he hoped that I would mentioned it in my blog, which he’d recently discovered.  When I didn’t, he came into my office a few days later, and said that I was the best lecturer in the department.  This, it unfortunately turned out was also a ploy to get into my blog.

So, ALAN ROBSON of UCE Birmingham – this is your mention.

I first met Alan on my interiew day at UCE.  It took me a while to work out exactly why the head of operations and planning was taking so much time out to chaperone us.  I still cringe when I recall asking whether the staff used the student union bar!

Alan does the difficult – nay impossible job of allocating lecturers to taught modules, admin duties, research time and all the other things which need to be done.
So, Alan, I salute you!

It’s my flight back tomorrow – here’s hoping that I and my luggage arrive at the same time in Birmingham.


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