And in the beige corner.

Here’s the flip side to yesterday’s post.  This is my university desk/office.

Office at university

The packing crates are those of my colleague.  You’ll see that I try to keep this desk fairly clutter free – somewhat opposite to my home study.  There’s also very few distractions, I do have a radio behind me, but it’s only on when I’m on my own and doing things which don’t involve much concentration.

I’ve only been in this office for about nine months – this time last year I was clearing out my office of about three and a half years in preparation for the move.  I share the office with Joanna, who is very patient of the stream of students coming in to see me (and I am of her student contact too).  We both had our own offices for a good while, but we are fortunate that we only share with one other, some lecturers are in offices of four.

And the view out of the window?  I can see half a tree, and the rest of the view it taken up with the view of Galton building, which along with my building (Feeney) comprises the Business School.

Enough of this frivolity, back to normal postings tomorrow.


2 comments so far

  1. Simon Stanford on

    Ah but what is that figure lurking at the side of the pin board? Is it an effigy of E. F. Codd that you can stick pins in?

  2. Andy Hollyhead on

    Codd! Normilisation! Aaargh!

    No, it’s a cyberman. I have three of them, but have kept two in their packaging a la Toy Story 2, waiting for ‘the right price’ on eBay.

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