Students back

The students are back after their Easter break.  Most staff are on their final three weeks of teaching, but because of this intensive three week module, I’ve got six weeks teaching to look forward to.

I made the mistake of adding up all of the elements of assessment that I’ve got to mark this semester, exams and coursework.  It came to over 311 items… so far I’ve marked just 13 assignments.  Whilst I subscribe to the ‘JFDI’ mentality, it can still be a little overwhelming.  I’m guessing I’ll need all my tricks and tips to maintain my sanity…. and let’s be honest a few weekends working too.   That’s no bad thing at the moment, whilst I’m enjoying my creative writing course, and have had the course materials (bascially three music CD’s) for my musical appreciation short course, the weekends are dragging a little at the moment.

Still, this weekend I’ve got thirty OU Assignments to mark.. that should keep me out of trouble for a while.


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