Blogs in T324

I’m reading through the material for the next Block on the Open University course. There’s a section in there about ‘blogs’.

“Blogs are a sort of online diary in which the authors post opinions and links to website addresses they find interesting or useful. Some bloggers are authoritative and reliable, but you will also come across blogs that are really part of a company’s marketing.”

This does seem a very narrow and somewhat old fashioned definition of a blog. This blog serves three purposes for me.

    • Dissemination. I agree with the statement above about the ‘public diary’ and dissemination element, but the number of readers I get at the moment doesn’t mean that my primary audience is other people (I average about eleven readers a day across feeds and visits to the page itself). I probably read my own entries more than anyone else.
    • Reflection. I know I would say this as it’s a research interest of mine, and maybe this reflection could be done equally well in a traditional diary, but the possibility of an audience is an important factor.
    • Exploration. Giving me a space to explore new areas and write about relevant interests which I would otherwise not have a chance to, the most recent examples being the ‘Death by Powerpoint’ series, giving me chance to codify my thoughts. Will anything else come of these? Probably not, but as long as this blog is preserved, they are there for me or others to consider.

      The rest of this Block in T324 “Finding Out” is really well written and presented, and provides a good basis for student’s research skills. I look forward to finding out what students feel about this section.


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