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More PC Woes

The ‘tweaking’ with my home PC resulted in more and more problems, I eventually had to go back to a restore point before I’d started trying to fix the problem.  So far so good, but I’ve not really had chance to ‘tune’ it again.

Meanwhile my beloved iBook, which had done me stirling service for four years, has started to play up with the occasional freeze, and very strange battery behaviour. It reckons is is fully charged after half an hour, then reckons on about ten hours of battery usage. This is clearly unrealistic, and after around an hour, hour and a half goes straight into standby without warning.  I’ve tried all the ‘obvious’ things.  I’m stuck with getting a new battery (and there are lots of horror stories on the web about battery life of OEM batteries), living with the problem, or buying a new shiny MacBook.  I can’t afford it at the moment, and really wanted to wait until Leopard, the new operating system came out.  Maybe there will be an announcement in the next month, which will be the prompt for me to do something about this.