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Staff development day

I’ve been asked by Malcolm to run a session in the OU regional staff development day in Harborne at the end of April. Whilst in the shower this morning (unpleasant to think about I know, but it’s the truth), I thought of a great angle – Creativity in Technology – blogs, story telling, pros/cons of having your own web site, thinking hats, and maybe bring in some ‘creativity v serendipity’ stuff from my professional development course. Amazing what you can think of when staring at a bottle of shower gel.

But, having looked at the agenda closely, it’s only a half hour session, and it’s entitled ‘Faculty Group Discussions’. This title strikes me as being less structured – it would no doubt be a good idea to bring some talking points to the session, but I don’t think a ‘show and tell’ will work. I’ll chat to Malcolm after the Easter break – there’s still time to sort this out. Maybe the larger session can wait until the Technology staff development event at Millennium Point.

I’m off work for a short Easter break Good Friday/Easter Monday. University today is very, very quiet – not seen another academic yet. Good chance to get some marking done then!