JISC 2007 conference

This is the closest that I can get to ‘live blogging’.  Whilst there is a wi-fi connection here at the ICC Birmingham, it’s only in the public areas.

The conference has been pretty well what I expected.  The keynote speaker was the head of JISC, and to be honest did not tell us anything particularly new or revelatory.  However, Sharon did find it useful to identify some of the latest ‘buzz words’, that are in the JISC community, and as such will be of relevance for any bids that we submit in the future.

The first breakout session was called ‘virtual research environments’.  I think I was expecting some demonstrations, but instead there were a couple of slides of existing VREs, and most of the talk was focused on the upcoming bids.  Most unsatisfying for what should have been an ‘open’ conference.   I would have enjoyed a practical demonstration of a VRE.

After a good lunch, and a cruise round the exhibition stands, I’m now in the second breakout session, entitled ‘enabling lifelong learning’.  This is much more relevant, and I’m finding it really interesting, I’m guessing because there are a range of speakers and they’re using practical examples.  Even though I’m finding this interesting, I’m definitely suffering from the post-lunch ‘droop’ in energy levels.

I’m wondering what I can do when I’m giving conference talks to learn from this talk (for the +ve), and what not to do from the previous talk (the –ve).


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