Suited and Booted

Tomorrow will see an event rarer than a lunar eclipse, me in a suit.  I’ll also be out of email contact all day.

Between the second and third years,  our students have the option of taking a placement year to gain some money and practical experience.  The students have to find the placement themselves, but we provide a lot of support and have a dedicated placements office who run a series of lectures and workshops.

Tomorrow I am taking part in a mock assessment centre for these students, which runs for a total of four days at a suite of rooms just outside Birmingham.  There students take part have an interview, take part in groupwork activities, and give a fifteen minute presentation on a controversial subject.

It’s a long day, for both staff and students, but I found it rewarding last year, not least of which giving informal feedback to students, and seeing how nervous they are – better to be nervous in this situation than in a real interview.

This nervousness comes across in the use of ‘noise words’, such as “basically, I basically studied the subject basically because I” etc. etc.

So tomorrow I undergo a personality change from a relaxed, easy going academic to an industry leader – think The Apprentice without the tears… mostly.

As I so rarely wear a suit, I’ll try and get a photo of it and add this to the blog Thursday.. an incentive not to read I suspect.


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