Final week

We’re in the final week before Christmas, and for me three weeks off without thinking about work (well, that’s a bit of a lie, as you’ll probably see in a ‘research’ post later).

I’ve kept student meetings to a minimum this week, as I’m marking one batch of thirty-five assignments, and providing feedback to students on another twenty-odd assignments and mock exams. 

Providing face-to-face feedback to students is always tricky.  If they’ve done better than they expected, then it’s nice to provide good news to them.  If they’ve done worse than they expected then their reponses can vary, from criticism to anger and (occasionally) tears.

In the assignments I’m marking now, students get their feedback through moodle, and this has it’s own problems.  It’s more time consuming cutting and pasting comments into the VLE, and you’re never certain how much students read the comments you post. 

But I do my best, and generally students appreciate the depth of feedback I provide to them, as I’m still a student (who’s suffered from poor feeback in the past, and present!) I know how frustrating it is to receive poor feedback.

Better get back to the assignments, they’re not going to mark themselves!


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