Technology Christmas Staff Development

Last night was the OU Region Christmas Staff Development. In reality this is the only time of the year when all of the Technology AL’s in the region get together to find out what’s happening in the Faculty, and enjoy the usual great food which is provided to us. We should have guessed something was up when we managed to liberate another bottle of wine from the store cupboard, they were clearly making sure that we were in a mellow mood.

There’s a lot of change happening in the OU, and the Faculty itself. I’d probably better not publish too much, but there are concerns about recruitment, there’s talk of a move to semesters similar to ‘bricks and mortar’ universities, and a whole review of the Student Support process, including probably the role of AL’s.

Carol was able to reassure us somewhat about the position for next year, I’ve applied to tutor a new course, but it’s unclear as yet whether there will be sufficient numbers to run it within the region. I’m guessing it’ll be a waiting game until January, and I’m not very good at that.

But, it was good to catch up with the ‘old school’, and it was a surprise how many people I do know now, though I have been tutoring since 2000.

Another bit of good news, the course I tutor, T209 appears to have been given an extension, it was due to finish next year.  I’m going to email the course chair and find out what’s happening now.


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